Answers To Your 7 Common Questions About The Fire Escape Kit

Mar 14, 2018

Answers To Your 7 Common Questions About The Fire Escape Kit

There are a few common questions we get about the Fire Escape Kit and Fire Escape Mask

Everything from how long the Fire Escape Mask will filter air, how to activate the glow stick, or even where the best places are for storing your Kit or Mask so you have them when you need them.

I shot a quick Facebook Live answering these and a few of the other most common questions we get about the Fire Escape Kit.

Check it out below:

1. What's Included In The Fire Escape Kit?

The Fire Escape Kit comes with four components packed inside the kit bag each specifically designed to aid you in making a safe escape from a burning building:

1. Fire Escape Mask- The Fire Escape Mask can be deployed in just a few seconds and is designed to filter smoke and toxic fumes for up to 60 minutes.

2. Heat Resistant Gloves – Slide these on for hand protection while you make your way out of a fire reducing your risk of burns and protecting your hands from hot and sharp objects.

3. Glow Stick – The Glow Stick can be activated with a simple “snap” and will help light your way out of the building and make you more visible to rescuers.

4. Heat Reflective Blanket – The blanket reflects radiant heat while you navigate your way out of the building.  Once you're outside and you've reached safety, the blanket will provide warmth and shelter.


2. How Do You Put On The Fire Escape Mask?

The Fire Escape Mask is designed to be put on in just a few seconds:

1. Open the mask box

2. Tear open the vacuum sealed bag

3. Remove the inner and outer canister plugs

4. Pull the mask over your head

5. If necessary, pull the strap to tighten the mask

You can see more detailed, step-by-step, instructions here: How To Use A Fire Escape Mask

How Long Does The Fire Escape Mask Filter Air?

Once you’ve deployed your Fire Escape Mask, it will filter smoke and toxic fumes for up to 60 minutes.

Ideally, you will be able to escape the burning building much faster…

But if you get trapped in your apartment or office during a fire... or there are long lines of people evacuating through the same escape route your using resulting in you moving slowly out of the building…

Your Fire Escape Mask will filter the air while the area you’re trapped in or your escape route fills with dangerous smoke and toxic gases.

Does The Fire Escape Mask Have A Shelf-Life?

Yes, each Fire Escape Mask is one-time use and comes vacuum sealed inside the box with a 5-year shelf life.

Where Should You Store Your Fire Escape Kit?

Choosing where you store your Fire Escape Kit is a personal decision and ultimately comes down to where you’re spending most of your time.

Since I spend about 8 hours asleep in bed and 8 hours working at the office each day, I have a Fire Escape Kit in my nightstand right next to my bed and another right inside my office drawer at work.

I also have Kits stored in each guest bedroom and the hallway closets on escape routes out of our house.

Other common places to store them would be in your car, RV, on your boat, small aircraft, and anywhere you’re spending significant time or there is an unusually high chance of fire.

Can You Travel With Your Fire Escape Mask?

Yes, I always pack a Fire Escape Mask in my carry-on bag when I take commercial flights.

About 10% of the time, TSA has asked to take a look at the mask because it’s new to them, but I’ve never had a problem carrying my mask on a flight.


We developed the Fire Escape Kit to be everything you need to maximize your chances of survival in a fire.

Just like there is a fire extinguisher in your home for small kitchen fires, our Fire Escape Kit is designed to be there and be ready when you need it if a structure you're in ever catches fire…

It provides peace of mind that you and your family are ready if you ever need to make an escape.

Grab a Fire Escape Kit or Fire Escape Mask so you and your family are ready you are ever inside one of the tens-of-thousands of buildings that catch fire each year.


About the Author

Kevin is the co-founder of Go Time Gear.

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