Answers To Your 5 Most Asked Questions About The Life Bivy

Mar 27, 2018

Answers To Your 5 Most Asked Questions About The Life Bivy

Several people in our community reached out to me about our Life Bivy wanting to know a few more details about the product…

Things like whether or not it’s waterproof or reusable (teaser: yes!)…

And if it easily shreds like cheap emergency sleeping bags (teaser: no!)…

Well, after personally responding to over 100 people, I decided we have a gap and I could create a resource answering these questions and more.

So I shot you a quick video answering these plus your other most common questions.

Check it out:

1. What are the dimensions of the Life Bivy emergency sleeping bag?

The Life Bivy survival sleeping bag weighs just 4.1 ounces and comes rolled up inside of a compact waterproof nylon stuff sack.

Rolled up inside the stuff sack, the Life Bivy is just 4 inches in length by 3 inches in diameter.  The Life Bivy and stuff sack are both pliable so they easily compress down to a bit smaller than that when you toss it in your glove box emergency kit or bug out backpack.

Once you unroll the Life Bivy for use, it is 3 feet wide by 7 feet long so it’s plenty large enough to fit almost anyone (I still want to see Shaq try climbing inside).

2. Is the Life Bivy Reusable?

Yes, the Life Bivy is reusable.

We used extra-thick (26um) material and added a protective exterior coating making the Life Bivy much more durable than your standard emergency blanket or sleeping bag.

So once you’re done using your Life Bivy, you can quickly and easily fold it three times length-wise, roll it up, and put it back inside the stuff sack.
You can see exactly how it’s done in our post here: How To Fold And Reuse Your Life Bivy Emergency Sleeping Bag

How To Fold And Reuse Your Life Bivy Emergency Sleeping Bag


3. Is it waterproof?

Yes, the Life Bivy is waterproof and windproof to keep you protected from harsh weather in a survival situation

Once you climb inside, the extra thick material, protective coating, and heat-sealed seams keep wind, snow, and rain out so you have a layer of protection from the elements.

In fact, some people even use the Life Bivy to add a protective layer to their sleeping bags by sliding their standard sleeping bag inside the Life Bivy for an extra layer of weather protection.

4. Can the Life Bivy be your bug out sleeping bag?

Yes, but…

You’ve probably heard that before. 

Preparing your bug out bag starts with defining your personal needs in an emergency and designing your gear and plan around your specific risks.

The Life Bivy makes an excellent addition to your emergency survival kits and is designed to keep you alive in a serious survival situation.

However, the Life Bivy is not designed to be your primary sleeping bag for long-term use for long-term bug out planning, hiking trips, etc…  You need a standard sleeping bag in that case. 

The Life Bivy survival sleeping bag is designed to be a life-saving tool, not a replacement for your sleeping bag.

5. It says it’s puncture resistant, but will it easily shred if it gets a tear or hole?

No, the Life Bivy will not tear or shred easily if it gets a hole. 

We coated the outside with protective material to make the Life Bivy more durable and prevent it from easily tearing further if a hole does form like you have probably experience with a cheap emergency blanket.

The coating on the Life Bivy will help prevent the hole or tear from spreading further.

And if you do get a hole, you can quickly and easily repair it with super glue or a couple of pieces of duct tape.

How To Fix A Torn Emergency Bivy

I put together a quick post showing you how to fix a torn emergency bivy in case you ever need to patch up a hole.


The Life Bivy is designed to keep you alive if you’re forced into an unexpected night outside…

This could be your car getting stuck in a snow storm…

Getting turned around out hiking…

Or a time you need to dig into your bug out bag

We designed the Life Bivy to be a piece of gear you can rely on not only to keep you alive, but the patent-pending Para-SynchTM Technology drawstring provides extra tools you can use to signal for help and get back to safety.

Grab a Life Bivy emergency sleeping bag for your survival kit so you are ready if you encounter one of life’s most common survival situations.


About the Author

Kevin is the co-founder of Go Time Gear.

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