How To Fold And Reuse Your Life Bivy Emergency Sleeping Bag

Mar 22, 2018

How To Fold And Reuse Your Life Bivy Emergency Sleeping Bag

Almost no one believes me when I tell them…

The Life Bivy is not only durable enough to be reused...

But you can easily refold it and slid it right back into the stuff sack so you can use it again in the future.

In fact, aside from giving you a better chance of staying alive in an emergency…

One of the main reasons to invest in a high-quality emergency sleeping bag like the Life Bivy is that it’s extra durable and multi-use.

We engineered the Life Bivy using 26um thick reflective polyethylene material which is more than double the thickness of most emergency blankets and bivvies (they’re usually 11-13um thick)…

And we applied an added layer or coating to the outside of the Life Bivy so it’s not only thicker, but it’s tear and puncture resistant.

I know, I know, just because we built the product with added durability…

Doesn’t mean you believe me that you could actually fold up the Life Bivy and slide it back into the stuff sack after use…

I think we all have bad memories of wrestling with sleeping bags to get them back into their stuff sacks after all.

Well, that’s where this post comes in.

I’m going to show you how to quickly and easily fold and reuse your Life Bivy… and it takes about 30 seconds. 

And you won’t be wrestling with the bag to try and squash every molecule or air out to get it to fit.

Here’s how it’s done:


1: Lay Your Life Bivy Out Flat

Just like Mom taught us when it came to folding clothes, start by laying your Life Bivy out on a flat surface.

This makes it much easier to get nice clean folds.

2: Fold In Half Length-Wise 3 Times

Next, you’re going to fold the Life Bivy length-wise three times down to the proper width to slide back into the stuff sack once we’re done.

Be precise with your folds, it just makes everything easier.

Start by making your first fold “taco style” and line up the corners and edges of the bivvy.

Fold it in half a second-time length wise:

And finally, fold it in half a third and final time:

At this point, the stuff sack should be back to the width it started when you first pulled it out of the stuff sack.

3: Roll It Up

In order to get your Life Bivy back to the size it needs to fit into the stuff sack, we just need to roll it up.

This is important, start at the end of the emergency bivvy that is sealed so any excess air escapes through the top.

Once you’re ready, start by simply creating a small fold at the end and slowly rolling.

As you’re rolling, take care to keep the edges aligned so the width stays consistent.

Continue to roll keeping the roll relatively tight (don’t worry about overdoing it) and the edges aligned as you go.

Once you’ve rolled all the way to the end, we’ve got one last step.

4. Slide It In The Stuff Sack

Grab your Life Bivy stuff sack and with the Para-Synch™ Technology drawstring loosened up, slide it back into the stuff sack.

Give a pull on the paracord, guide the slider down to synth the top shut, and your Life Bivy emergency sleeping bag is ready for the next time you need it.


I know you probably thought you’d have to jump through some hurdles and take extra special care to reuse your Life Bivy

Which is why I put this quick post together.

To show you how easy it is to roll back but for another use.

The extra-thick, coated material makes the Life Bivy tough enough for the most intense survival situations and durable enough for more than a single use in case you need to rely on it for more than a night.

Where do you keep your Life Bivy so you have it when you need it?  Let me know in the comments.


About the Author

Kevin is the co-founder of Go Time Gear.

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