How To Use A Fire Escape Mask

Jan 22, 2018

How To Use A Fire Escape Mask

It doesn’t matter if you have all the survival gear in the world…

If you don’t know how to use it in a time of crisis…

You’re probably better off not having it to avoid getting distracted and just focus on getting to safety.


Depending on the crisis, that’s debatable… but you get my point.

That said, when it comes to escaping a burning building, you don’t have time to fiddle around with gear.

Which is exactly why I put this post together.

In this post, I’m going to show you exactly how to put on your Fire Escape Mask so you can give yourself the best chance possible to get out alive.

And I almost forgot, you should be able to deploy your Fire Escape Mask in well under 30 seconds…

Here’s how it’s done:

Step #1: Pull Back The Handle & Remove The Mask From The Box

Right on top of the box is a red sticker stating “In case of emergency, pull upward to open” and an arrow highlighting which direction to pull.

Slide your fingers under this and pull upward and in the direction of the arrow to open the front of the box.

Grab the vacuum sealed smoke mask from the box and we’re on the step #2.

Step #2: Tear Open The Vacuum Packaging

Right on top of the vacuum packaging your firemask comes packaged inside of, there is a notch cut into the plastic so you can easily tear open the packaging to deploy the mask.

Grab the top of the plastic packaging on each side of the notch, tear open the plastic vacuum packaging, and pull out the mask.

Step #3: Remove The Canister Plugs

Once you’ve removed the mask from the packaging and before you pull it over your head, you need to remove the canister plugs.

Grab the string and pull out the plug on the front of the mask.

And then again using the string, pull the plug from the inside of the mask.

Now your mask is ready for use.

Step #4: Pull The Mask Over Your Head & Tighten The Reflective Strap

After you’ve pulled the plugs from your smoke hood, pull your mask over your head positioning the breathing apparatus over your nose and mouth so you can easily breathe and see out of the clear front visor.

If the mask is loose on your head, pull on the end of the reflective strap to better secure the mask.


Step #5: Make Your Escape!

That’s it.  It’s just 4 simple steps and less than 30 seconds and you can pull out your Fire Escape Mask and get it on to dramatically increase your chances of survival in a fire.

After all, more than 80% of deaths in fires are due to smoke inhalation.

So, make sure you’ve got your Fire Escape Masks and Fire Escape Kits in locations you’re most likely to have access in the event of a fire emergency.

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About the Author

Kevin is the co-founder of Go Time Gear.

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