The Ultimate Emergency Sleeping Bag - Life Bivy Live Video Product Demo

Mar 19, 2018

The Ultimate Emergency Sleeping Bag - Life Bivy Live Video Product Demo

If your circumstances require planning for a survival situation where extreme cold is in play, in addition to a fire starter, you need to have a plan to put some sort of emergency shelter in place…

Something you can count on to protect you from harsh weather and keep you warm enough to stay alive.

The good news is, we engineered a life-saving piece of survival gear designed to serve as your emergency blanket, sleeping bag, and shelter all-in-one…

Plus, it fits in the palm of your hand, weighs just 4.1 ounces, and provides tools for emergency signaling and multi-purpose 550lb paracord.

The Live Bivy Emergency Sleeping Bag and its patent pending Para-Synch™ Technology drawstring is perfect as a foundation for your survival kit whether you’re adding to your glove box survival kitbug out bag, or day hiking kit.

Take a minute and check out this quick Facebook Live I did a quick rundown on the product and it’s lifesaving features:

Patent Pending Para-Synch™ Technology Drawstring

When we developed the Life Bivy, we saw a clear opportunity to integrate additional survival tools into the product without negatively impacting the quality of the product or the design.

So we integrated two of the most valuable survival tools without adding weight, bulk, or sacrificing the functionality of the product:

Emergency Whistle

At the end of the paracord drawstring, we attached a thunderous 120-decibels survival whistle.

A blast on this whistle is strong enough to cut through trees and strong winds so you can alert rescuers to your location up to 1-mile away.

9-Strand 550lb Nylon Core Paracord Drawstring

Rather than simply integrating standard flimsy drawstring cords that easily unravel and don’t provide any added value in an emergency, we leveled-up the Life Bivy by using 550lb 9-strand nylon core paracord.

Paracord has hundreds of uses in a survival situation...

Everything from repairing gear, a new set of shoelaces, getting a fire going, or even simply using it as utility rope around your camp...

The reason it's so popular in bug out bags is that it's really valuable stuff.

Now, don't think because we integrated these useful tools into our survival bivvy that we forgot the primary purpose we were after...

Which was developing an industry-leading emergency sleeping bag you can count on to keep you warm and alive if you ever encounter an unexpected cold night out.

Extra-Thick Heavy-Duty Emergency Sleeping Bag

Unlike most relatively useless cheap emergency blankets and bivvy bags, the Life Bivy is constructed with extra-thick (26um) polyethylene material that uses a special orange coating making you more visible to rescuers and making the bag more durable and tear resistant.

Once you climb inside the Life Bivy, you’ve locked out harsh weather and have protection from rain, wind and snow.

Interior Reflects Up To 90% Of Your Body Heat

The interior of the Life Bivy uses reflective material that protects you from hypothermia and keeps you warm and alive by reflecting up to 90% of your body heat.

It’s an innovative idea and technology originally developed by NASA and it’s super useful in a survival situation.

Heat Sealed Seams Lock In Body Heat

Unlike an emergency blanket that is just a big sheet so heat leaks out every opening, the Life Bivy emergency sleeping bag uses durable heat-sealed seams locking out harsh weather and locking in the warmth created by your body and the reflective interior.

Unrolls Large Enough To Fit Nearly Anyone

Even though the Life Bivy rolls up into a tiny stuff sack, once you pull it out for use you’ll quickly see we developed a universal size emergency bivvy that’s large enough to fit nearly anyone.

The Life Bivy unrolled is 7-feet long and 3 feet wide so even if you’re taller or have a broad set of shoulders, you shouldn’t have any problem climbing in and getting protection from harsh elements.


If you’re ever in the unfortunate situation of your car sliding off the road or getting stuck in a harsh winter storm…

Get turned around out hunting or hiking…

Or breakdown out on your motorcycle…

Our Life Bivy emergency sleeping bag is designed so you can quickly and easily get protection from harsh elements like wind and snow…

And also keep you warm, alive, and protect you against hypothermia.

Grab a Life Bivy to toss in your glove box, day hiking kit, or bug out bag so you’re ready if you’re ever in a compromised position stranded outdoors.

You won’t regret it.


About the Author

Kevin is the co-founder of Go Time Gear.

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