What is the Best Emergency Survival Kit?

Jun 26, 2023

What is the Best Emergency Survival Kit?

When it comes to emergency situations, having the best survival kit can make all the difference. 

Let’s talk about the importance of customizing your survival kit and discuss some of the best tools and supplies to include in your kit.

What Does the Best Survival Kit Contain?

The best survival kit contains the right gear for the right situation.

Creating the best emergency survival kit involves carefully selecting essential items that address your basic needs for shelter, warmth, sustenance, and safety.

Take some time to consider the various situations you might find yourself in, including natural disasters, outdoor adventures, power outages, vehicle breakdowns, civil unrest or evacuations, remote or rural living, and work or school emergencies. 

Whether it's facing the aftermath of a hurricane, getting stranded in the wilderness, enduring a prolonged power outage, or dealing with unexpected emergencies in different settings, having a well-prepared kit ensures you have the necessary tools and supplies to navigate through challenging circumstances and enhance your chances of survival and safety.

What Should You Include in Your Survival Kit?

Life Tent:

A Life Tent is a 2-person emergency shelter designed to keep you dry, warm, and alive in any survival situation. This lightweight tent reflects 90% of your body heat and provides waterproof and windproof protection. It weighs just 8.7 ounces and includes a 120-decibel whistle and a 20-foot paracord for versatile applications.

Life Bivy:

A Life Bivy is an all-in-one emergency sleeping bag and survival blanket. It is waterproof, windproof, and reflects 90% of your body heat. This lightweight bivy weighs only 4.1 ounces and comes with a survival whistle and a 20-foot paracord. It is a versatile addition to any hiking or emergency kit.

Life Poncho:

Life Ponchos offer excellent protection against unexpected weather conditions. These 100% waterproof ponchos reflect 90% of your body heat and come in a convenient 2-pack. With an integrated hood and spacious fit, they allow room for your backpack and keep you and your gear dry. Each poncho includes a 120-decibel whistle and a 550lb paracord drawstring.

Water Purification System: 

Make sure that you and your loved ones have access to clean drinking water with a portable water filtration system. Whether you opt for a filter system or water purification tablets, having a way to remove contaminants from water is essential. 


Everyone should have a versatile tool with various functions, including a knife, pliers, screwdriver, and more. You’ll be stunned by how many uses you find for a good multitool when you’re out in the field.

Fire Starter: 

A reliable fire starter, such as a waterproof lighter or ferrocerium rod, enables you to build a fire for warmth, cooking, and signaling for help. A small, disposable BIC lighter is also a great option, and much easier for the average person to use.

First Aid Kit: 

A comprehensive first aid kit with essential supplies like bandages, antiseptics, and medications to address minor injuries and illnesses. We recommend choosing differently sized kits for different situations. For example, a compact, lightweight kit is great for traveling outdoors on foot, while a larger, more comprehensive kit is perfect for your vehicle glove box.

Emergency Food

Non-perishable, high-energy food like energy bars or freeze-dried meals should be included to sustain you during an emergency.

Flashlight or Headlamp: 

You never know when you might need to illuminate your surroundings with a reliable light source. Opt for LED lights with long battery life and multiple brightness settings. A solar-powered flashlight is a great option, but avoid cheaper options that take a long time to charge and have a short battery life. 

Emergency Blanket:

Lightweight and compact, emergency blankets provide insulation and help retain body heat in cold conditions. If you don’t have room for a Life Tent or a Life Bivvy, make sure you at least have an emergency blanket. 

Compass and Map: 

A compass and a detailed map of your area can help you navigate and find your way to safety. If you’re building a survival kit for hiking, hunting, or traveling outdoors, this one is a must. 

Remember, personalization is the key to building a survival kit that can truly support you in times of adversity. While there are essential items that should be included in every survival kit, tailoring it to your specific requirements ensures you are prepared for the challenges you may face.

If ‘go time’ arrives, your prior preparation will be the key to staying safe and secure.

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